TITLE:  Line Cook


REPORTS TO: Executive Chef



1.         SUMMARY:

The main function of the Little America Hotel Line Cook is to ensure that all food is prepared with the utmost quality, within all time limitations, and in a cost-effective manner.


2.         TASKS:

            The tasks that are essential to perform the functions of this position are:

·         Chop, dice, blend, slice, or otherwise prepare assorted foods for cooking using a variety of powered and/or non-powered tools and kitchen instruments.

·         Remove peels from fruits and vegetables to prepare them for cooking or other culinary use.

·         Clean foods so that they are ready for further preparation.

·         Work to maintain a clean and safe workplace.



·         Ability to extend arm(s) in any direction.

·         Ability to substantially press against something with a steady force in order to push forward, downward, or outward an to exert a considerable force in order to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects in a sustained motion.

·         Ability to raise substantial objects from a lower to a higher position, or move objects horizontally from position to position.

·         Ability to apply considerable grasping-type pressure to an object.

·         Ability to perceive the presence of certain substances, in various states, through the sense of smell.

·         Ability to express and exchange ideas verbally.