We Connect the Best Flagstaff Talent with the Best Local Companies

HiringFlagstaff.com is the premier job portal for Flagstaff employers and job seekers. Unlike other job portals, our number one goal is to help people find and fill jobs right here in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas.

How we help:

  • We help trailing partners who have relocated to Flagstaff with their partners find jobs with local employers.
  • We help students find internships and volunteer opportunities to help further their careers.
  • We help local employers find the best local candidates for your open job vacancies.

HiringFlagstaff.com was spearhead by the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce with a mission to benefit the entire community of businesses – large and small, Chamber members and non-members. HiringFlagstaff.com would not be possible without the generous support from our partners at W.L. Gore, Northern Arizona University, Northern Arizona Healthcare, Helios Education Foundation, the City of Flagstaff, and member support.


Frequently Asked Questions

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