We are hiring for the following opportunities:

  1. Safety Coordinator

  2. Purchasing/Warehouse Associate

  3. Equipment Operator

  4. Machine Operator

  5. Electrician

  6. Millwright

  7. Heavy Duty Mechanic

  8. Truck Driver

  9. Industrial Saw Filer

NewLife Forest Products, LLC operates in the North and North-West of beautiful Arizona. Activities include active harvesting and lumber manufacturing. NewLife has a contract with the US Forest Service to assist in the rehabilitation of the Ponderosa Pine Forests of Arizona while reducing the fire danger through the removal of combustible forest floor debris. Wholly owned by FEC Logging USA Holdings, LLC, NewLife fosters an environment that promotes equal opportunity, as well as professional and personal development for all employees.

About NewLife Forest Products, LLC

NewLife Forest Restoration in partnership with the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI), is able to implement sustainable forestry practices by helping thin the forest floor and repurpose its materials, including brush and small trees, into wood products.

In addition to our environmental responsibility, NewLife has invested over $80 million into some of Arizona’s underdeveloped economic regions creating hundreds of jobs in an effort to rebuild the forest products industry and will continue to support other local Arizona businesses involved in forest restoration.