Job Posting
Position/Title: Middle School / High School Teacher
Subject Area(s): History / Social Studies
Terms of Employment: 2021-22 School Year; Full Time
Start Date: August 4, 2021
Salary: Commensurate with experience
FLSA Status: Exempt
Benefits: Standard Package / ASRS Eligible
Reports to: Department Chair
Evaluation: In accordance with Institutional Evaluation Model
The ideal candidate will have a passion for innovative educational models and will be well-versed
in progressive ideas in the field of teaching and learning. A particular interest in critical pedagogy
and curricula is preferred.
Curriculum will be designed under the mentorship of the Department Chair. The curricula would
follow our mission in celebrating individual creativity through rigorous academic and artistic
programs which give students the tools and confidence to construct their own successes by:
● Making learning revolve through the integration of disciplines, concepts, and
● Emphasizing and modeling a love of learning
● Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and technical skills through the integration
and synthesis of ideas
● Providing opportunities for the cultivation of the student as whole being
● Valuing leadership, interpersonal skills, and a sense of community through experiential
learning and service to others

Minimum Qualifications:
● Bachelor’s Degree (from an accredited institution)
● AZ (IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Card
● Knowledge of Middle and High School methodologies
● Hold the state requirements to teach in the state of Arizona
Additional Preferred Qualifications:
● AZ State Certification (Elementary or Secondary)
● Prior experience teaching in Subject Area(s)
● Subject tests (AEPA or similar) in Subject Area(s)
● Prior experience with expeditionary/experiential and place-based education models and service
● Knowledge of critical pedagogy and progressive curriculum
● Masters in Subject Area(s) or
○ Masters in Education and 15 supplemental credits towards that Subject Area(s), or

○ Masters in another Subject Area and 10 upper division credits in Subject Area plus
professional experience, publications, conferences etc.
○ If relevant, language mastery as proven through tested experience on an approved
evidence template
Duties and Responsibilities:
Instructional Planning
● Plans engaging instruction based on AZ State Standards to meet student-based objectives
● Plans cross-disciplinary connections
● Plans relevant and engaging classroom activities to meet the needs of a variety and
diversity of learning profiles
● Assesses student progress to determine proficiency, and to identify necessary supports
and instructional adjustments
● Works as part of a team to create cross-disciplinary curricular opportunities
● Makes effective use of common prep time to plan instruction and support team members
and team objectives
Instructional Strategies
● Uses a variety of instructional practices to meet the needs of a diverse student population
● Uses a variety of practices to engage and motivate learners
● Creates a supportive environment, free from distractions
● Effectively manages student behavior to maximize time on task
● Adjusts instruction to respond to classroom-level learning data and facilitate student
● Provides effective and engaging opportunities to practice and apply their learning in real
world contexts
● Provides appropriate, timely, and consistent feedback to learners
Instructional Practice
● Presents subject matter in clear, engaging, and creative ways
● Communicates objectives effectively, with a specific address of the “Why?”
● Models competency and accuracy of language in Subject Area(s)
● Gives clear directions and articulations related to lesson content
● Uses relevant modeling, questioning, and extension activities
● Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of a wide level of learning abilities
● Functions as an effective member of a learning team by effectively employing
accommodations and modifications as warranted by IEP or 504
● Promotes positive relationships and communication with all stakeholders (students,
fellow staff, administration, and families)
● Continuously shows reflection of and innovation in teaching practice
● Embraces data and research in instructional decisions
● Experience with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Culturally Responsive Teaching
● Engages in self-development and demonstrates a growth mindset in their teaching

Instructional Environment
● Provides a learning environment that is supportive, safe, positive, and focused on student
● Communicates a belief that all students can learn and be successful
● Embraces creativity and passion for teaching and learning
● Models respect for all students, regardless of ability level, ethnicity, or SES
● Shows empathy for students, staff, and families
● Manages student behavior with appropriate strategies and consistent structures
● Maintains grades in a timely manner
● Communicates grade and mastery challenges to parents
Professional Expectations
● Participates actively in all professional development opportunities
● Maintains effective and collaborative dialogue with colleagues, with respectful criticism
● Meets all deadlines for grading, and all expectations for parent communication
● Supports the mission and vision of FALA
● Supports Administration in the management of campus, culture, and instructional efforts
● Shows respect for all guidelines of timeliness and attendance
● Complies with all AZ State Laws and all policies and procedures of FALA
● Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor

Application Submission:
● Please email resume and cover letter to Eli Cohen, Executive Director, ecohen@flagarts.com.
● Applications open until the position is filled; Application review begins May 24, 2021.

About Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy

Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy celebrates individual creativity through rigorous academic and artistic programs which give students the tools and confidence to construct their own successes by: making learning revolving through the integration of disciplines, concepts, and methodologies; developing critical thinking, problem solving skills, and technical skills through the integration and synthesis of ideas; providing opportunities for the cultivation of the student as whole being; emphasizing and modeling a love of learning; valuing leadership and interpersonal skills through experiential learning and service to others; developing an appreciation of the arts in the lives of students; strengthening learning and a sense of community through the development of partnerships.