The Marketing/Communications Intern position is a learning position to assist college students in gaining practical work experience through a paid internship in the marketing/communications field. The Intern will work within the Communications Department and will work on projects/tasks important to the marketing, public relations or overall communication needs of the organization. Work could involve websites, writing, proofreading, organization of data, data analysis, data entry, or audio/video related projects, among others.



Spirit of Inquiry* Works with department mentor to develop a measurable practice question based on industry best practices.
• Determines how to gather supporting internal and external evidence to inform practice question.
• Develops an understanding of current processes and workflows.Research Best Practices* Gathers internal and external evidence to answer practice question.
• Clearly cites information obtained.
• Develops clear and concise reports based on information gathered from approved resources.Data Management* Acquires data from disparate sources.
• Stores data efficiently.
• Ensures the protection of confidential and sensitive data.
• Performs data entry into company databases as needed.Findings Dissemination* Disseminates best practices supported by internal and external evidence to organizational stakeholders.
• Creates summary report of findings during internship to inform organization of best practice strategies.Compliance/Safety* Responsible for reporting any safety-related incident in a timely fashion through the Midas/RDE tool; attends all safety-related training programs; performs work in a safe manner; monitors work environment for possible safety issues and ensures others are also performing work in a safe manner.
• Stays current and complies with state and federal regulations/statutes and company policies that impact the employee’s area of responsibility.
• If required for the position, ensures all certifications and/or licenses are up-to-date and valid prior to expiration dates.
• Completes all company mandatory modules and required job-specific training in the specified time frame.


EducationCurrently enrolled in college classes working towards a marketing or business-related degree with a GPA of > 3.0 on a 4.0 scale- Preferred

ExperienceMust be a quick learner and have the ability to work autonomously.

Healthcare is a rapidly changing environment and technology is integrated into almost all aspects of patient care. Computers and other electronic devices are utilized across the organization and throughout each department. Colleagues must have an understanding of computers, and competence in using computers and basic software programs, including Microsoft Office products

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NAH provides healthcare services through Flagstaff Medical Center, Verde Valley Medical Center (with campuses in Cottonwood and Sedona), Northern Arizona Homecare and Hospice, the Heart & Vascular Center of Northern Arizona, Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare, Fit Kids of Arizona and Guardian Air. The organization includes a state-designated Level I Trauma Center, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and extensive cardiovascular surgical services including traditional and minimally invasive open heart surgery.
Our mission is to improve the health of the people and communities we serve in Northern and Central Arizona.
NAH is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most cost effective healthcare delivery system to the visitors and residents of Northern and Central Arizona. NAH encourages patients to be part of their own treatment through education and wellness programs. Physicians, employees and volunteers all work for a common goal, and the community benefits from NAH's organizational outreach that contributes to healthier lives for residents and visitors.
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