Are you a furbaby lover?? We have an exciting opportunity here at Cinder Hills Kennels. We are looking for full time staff. Can you imagine having the ability to work with fur babies all day long? Are you or do you know someone who is looking for a great opportunity? To those applying: we want you to understand the work involved. Being a good dog wrangler requires lots of patience, a strong work ethic, consistent focus, attention to detail and adaptability. This job involves periods of constant hands on activity and high-energy play along with stretches of quiet and calm. You will be part of a team providing a safe and happy place to play and work. You will:-Monitor groups of dogs at play-Observe/recognize body language/behavior-Develop connections with each dog by staying hands on and engaged with the pack-Comfort the anxious-Calm the excitable-Reassure the hesitant-Redirect the inappropriate-Be prepared to immediately intervene as a pack leader to avoid personality conflict-Be cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day-Be on your feet a lot-Be rewarded with un-ending affection and acceptance from the dogs. To start the process, please give me a call ( 616-788-8291). While prior dog handling experience is preferred, it is not required. Training is hands on with fast paced learning.



Job Type: Full-time