TITLE:  Bartender

REPORTS TO : Food and Beverage Manager



1.             SUMMARY:

The main function of the Little America Hotel Bartender is to oversee the operation of the hotel lounge, and to prepare and present beverages for lounge guests.


2.             TASKS:

                The tasks that are essential to perform the functions of this position are:

·         Prepare lounge for operation.

§  Stock sufficient quantities of various beverages (beers, wines, liquors, flavorings, mixers, etc.) to meet the needs of the shift.

§  Prepare cash register by counting bank.

§  Fill ice containers if no ice machine is present.

§  Ensure that bar and lunge areas are neat and clean.

·         Acquire any needed bar supplies (beverages, paper and other supplies) and make appropriate records of their acquisition and placement into service.

·         Prepare drinks for lounge guests and guests in other dining areas.

§  Present drinks to any guests sitting at the bar.

§  Ring up beverage sales onto tab or pay-by-the-drink and making proper change when needed.

·         Strictly apply tenets of TIPS training and lounge policy relating to the amounts of alcoholic beverages consumed by guests and discontinue service when deemed appropriate and carefully document any instances of overt intoxication.

·         Attend any training appropriate to maintain knowledge of regulations and techniques concerning the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

·         Perform cash count and run cash register tape at end of shift.  Properly account for gratuities.

·         Keep bar area clean and neat during and after shift.

·         Wash used glasses and other items during and after shift or present them to the kitchen dish washing area for washing.

·         Other duties as assigned or as deemed appropriate to maintain an efficient and professional, yet comfortable lounge operation.



.               PHYSICAL DEMANDS:

·         Ability to extend arm(s) in any direction.

·         Ability to support oneself in an erect and/or completely upright position for a prolonged period of time.

·         Ability to substantially press against something with a steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward and to exert a considerable force in order to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects in a sustained motion.

·         Ability to raise substantial objects from a lower to a higher position or move objects horizontally from a position to position.

·         Ability to manipulate small objects precisely by whatever means and to apply considerable grasping type pressure to an object.

·         Ability to perceive attributes of objects, such as size, shape, temperature, or texture through the sense of touch.

·         Ability to perceive the presence of certain substances in various states, through the sense of smell.

·         Ability to express or exchange ideas verbally.