TITLE:  Lodge Steward

DEPARTMENT:  Housekeeping

REPORTS TO: Executive Housekeeper



1.         SUMMARY:

The main function of the Little America Hotel Houseperson is to assist the Housekeeping staff in maintaining clean and orderly hotel guest rooms.


2.         TASKS:

            The tasks that are essential to perform the functions of this position are:

·         Using company vehicle, deliver clean linens to lodges and pick up dirty linens in need of laundering

·         Drive company vehicle to pick-up various materials off-campus as instructed

·         Stock lodge linen rooms with needed supplies

·         Assist Housekeeping staff in guest rooms by moving furniture, changing light bulbs, cleaning vents, shampooing carpets, etc.

·         Clean and maintain public areas in guest lodges

·         Maintain appropriate stocks in lodge beverage machines

·         Place cribs, refrigerators, irons, and other materials in guest rooms as required

·         Perform minor maintenance in guest rooms and lodges as needed

·         Other duties as assigned



·         Ability to ascend or descend rung ladders, scaffolding, and the like safely and with agility, to work safely in elevated places and to maintain body equilibrium to prevent falling from precarious situations.

·         Ability to move body to floor level and move about

·         Ability to extend arm(s) in any direction

·         Ability to support oneself in an erect and/or completely upright position for a prolonged periods of time

·         Ability to substantially press against something with a steady force in order to thrust forward, downward, or outward and to exert a considerable force in order to draw, drag, haul, or tug objects in a sustained motion

·         Ability to raise substantial objects from a lower to a higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position

·         Ability to manipulate small objects precisely by whatever means and to apply considerable grasping type pressure to an object

·         Ability to express or exchange ideas verbally